MEE launched, Marc Ecko getting (all) up (in the industry)

marc with a Meet 'Mr. MEE Too.' Following Getting Up, his respectable, but flawed foray into the games industry, fashion mogul and game adherent Marc Ecko has founded a new game division, dubbed Marc Ecko Entertainment (MEE). Aided by industry vets Marc Fernandez (ex-Rockstar) and Shawn Rosen (of Acclaim, the defunct one), Mr. Ecko and team will join the hunt for that ever-elusive quality: innovation. At stake, as Ecko puts it, is the chance to "leave an impression" on an emerging industry -- a fitting ambition for an ego-inspired brand.

Not wasting any time, MEE has reportedly invested in a new project from one of last year's most-celebrated developers. An official announcement is pending. Suspense ensues...

This article was originally published on Joystiq.