Today in Joystiq: February 14, 2007

We won't ask how you spent your Valentine's Day, but with all the violence associated with the holiday, maybe Halo isn't too inappropriate. Check out the highlights for today:

Happy Valentine's Day and all that
Poll: Which DVD drive is inside your Xbox 360?
Today's touchiest video: Touch Mii

Alex Ward flips out during MTV interview
Women's magazine enters Japanese DS market
BBC show tackles 'clapped-out old banger' Xbox 360
EVO2K7 Championship Series line-up revealed
Another game bill bites the dust in Mississippi
Ikaruga bound for Xbox Live Arcade
Tow driver takes Playstation 3 from fatal wreck
Game marketing book free to industry folks
Senator Brownback brings back game bill
NPR commentator: Wii Sports bad for self-esteem
The worst-selling games of 2006
Take-Two's ex-CEO pleads guilty to white-collar crimes
Canada accused of safeguarding pirates, ESA & friends seek blacklisting
Nvidia launches cheap(er) DirectX 10 cards
Mark Rein: Gears of War 'eventually' on PC
Raving Rabbids will utilize Vision camera on Xbox 360
Today's Valentiniest video: Raving Rabbids Valentine's Day Date
Exploring Myst Online on the eve of launch

Rumors & Speculation
Ken Lobb thinks Crackdown is the best game EVAR
Xbox 360 PartnerNet video hints at Jetpac, Juiced 2007

Add cheap nerf crap to your Wii remote
14 gaming myths exposed... sorta
Top 10 Nintendo romances of all-time

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