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iSight prices on eBay skyrocket - will there be an encore?

David Chartier
Apple's stand-alone FireWire iSight may have recently gone end-of-life, but people's interest in the devices is still going strong, so sayeth eBay. While the iSight's retail price was $129, I'm seeing actual bids ranging from $152 all the way up to $280 as of this writing, with Buy It Now sellers bringing on the greed with prices in the range of $289 up through $500+. Even more astonishing are the completed listings - items that have actually sold (barring any fraudulent activity, of course) - which top out at $610 for a new, in-box iSight.

As before, we're still just as curious as you are as to whether there will be a stand-alone iSight 2.0. With most of Apple's lineup now sporting built-in iSights, and rumors of the Cinema Display line not being far behind, it's questionable as to whether we should hold our breath.

Thanks Austin!