The Joystiq Weekend: February 17-18. 2007

Flickr user fuzzcat won this in chain chomp soccer ball in a December 2005 Nintendo Power contest. Check out the highlights for this weekend:

AOU 2007: Cave's Muchi Muchi Pork shmup released (from its sty)
Today's most inspiring game video: the 1000 Mii March
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: XL edition

Blue Dragon anime coming to TV Tokyo
Lord of the Rings Online a contender?
Halo 3: Fall 2007
Oops: Game Informer says Mercenaries 2 Xbox 360 exclusive
Decrypted Blu-ray & HD-DVD movies on PS3, no disc necessary
Micro Center's Xbox 360 Pres. Day sale
The Geordi LaForge future in gaming is now
Salt Lake City mall shooter didn't own video games
Hard questions: Wii novelty and drought in effect?

Rumors & Speculation
Microsoft strongly considering a Xbox 360 price drop?
Next Wii channel could be 'Nintendo Power'

Growing old and bored with video games
Rumor: Alien Hominid HD on XBLA next week
The art of High Delivery
Criticism of racial stereotyping in games
Gaming's Kobayashi Maru and how to enjoy it
Sharing the love of gaming

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