Trim the fat off PSP flash with Outa-Space homebrew

slim downYour PSP been weighin' down your pocket lately? You know, lookin' kinda bloated? Before you trade for something Lite-er, consider slimming down your portly portable with the new homebrew utility Outa-Space. Get this, it actually removes functionality from PSP's flash memory!

Useless fonts? Gone. Photos, Music, and Video menus? Gone, gone, gone. XMB web browser? C'ya! GPS? 'Outta here! RSS? What RSS? Network Update? Puh-lease, I gots custom firmware n00b!

"But why?" you might be asking. Well, Outa-Space supposedly removes up to 4mb of flash memory, freeing up room for -- what else -- an extra-long gameboot clip! FTW! Um, yeah... ftw.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.