Konami video slots shut down in Canada over subliminal message scare

An Ontario gambling operator up in our good neighbor to the north has shut down 87 Konami manufactured video slot machines this weekend due to the possibility of subliminal messaging. CBC News reports that the slots in question flash winning jackpot symbols for a fifth of a second with every spin. It doesn't sound like much, but if you were a wired up Beatmania player you'd be buying Ovaltine before you knew it.LETHAL ENFORCERS IS THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME
A spokesperson for Konami, Steve Sutherland, calls the message a software error and says that they'll be fixing the problem. The error was found in four of their machines, namely Most Wanted, Billionaires, Sergeant Fritter and Sticks and Stones.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.