Good news, everyone! You can unhook those lemons from your Wiimote, because another option for replacing your AAs has come along. We don't mean to sound like we're plugging a product, especially since we really have no idea how well it works, but this is of interest to all Wii owners: the Nyko Wii Charge Station, last seen at CES, is now available for order online at Gamestop and EB in the US, for $29.99.

This item charges two Wiimotes at once, and, for added value, uses battery cover replacements that look to be grippier than the standard issue. Also, having your Wiimotes charging on a stand like that makes them look kind of like cordless phones. We don't know if that constitutes a feature or not.

[Thanks, Kevin Burns!]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.