It's that time of year again kids - the time when Mac OS X developers can submit their application to Apple for a chance to win a coveted Apple Design Award. The categories up for judging this year have actually lowered from eight to seven since 2006, shaving off Best Automator Workflow to leave us with:
  • Best Mac OS X Leopard Application
  • Best Mac OS X User Experience
  • Best Mac OS X Developer Tool
  • Best Mac OS X Game
  • Best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution
  • Best Mac OS X Dashboard Widget
  • Best Student Application
We know what you're saying: "Best Leopard app? But it isn't even out yet!" Don't worry, we're scratching our heads too. Even though more and more developers are already announcing Leopard-only apps, we're itching just as bad as you are to see all the wiz-bang new stuff developers' apps can do with the fancy new technologies - some of them still a secret - of Mac OS X Leopard. Fortunately, since the awards are announced at WWDC, which is where everyone thinks Leopard is going to debut anyway, we'll already have a list of rockin' apps that were chosen by the dev community themselves to hit the ground running with.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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