Today in Joystiq: March 19, 2007

We've perused doc18's Flickr account before, and now we return for an adorable, bug-catching Animal Crossing village buddy to give happiness to what looks to be the user's Mac. Check out the highlights for today:

SXSW: Serious Games: Can Learning Be Hard Fun?
Today's best-looking mech video: Armored Core comparison
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup, now with a case of the Mondays

ONM says 'world exclusive' not April Fools prank
Take Two mulling sale of company
New games this week
Study: Racing games may spur risky driving
Army of Two = 1 part innovation + 1 part bad dialogue
Excitebike, Splatterhouse, Beyond Oasis join Virtual Console line-up
Bungie talks us down from Halo 3 Legendary ledge
Miyamoto talks user-generated content, critical of PS Home
PS3 firmware 1.60 adds background downloading; due March 22nd
Pandemic unveils Saboteur, a 'different' WWII shooter
Game Park is dead, long live Game Park Holdings
Devil May Cry 4 no longer a Playstation 3 exclusive

Rumors & Speculation
Nintendo on Wii hard drive: 'pure rumor & speculation'

Culture & Community
Puzzle Quest demo sneaks online
Entire SNES game collection on eBay
More LEGO Halo goodness -- Warthogs and Spectres, oh my!

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