Pukka 1.5 adds Ma.gnolia support and more

Code Sorcery has released the next update to an old TUAW favorite, the del.icio.us client Pukka. Among the significant changes include a faster start-up, which means that the application can down be set to quit, rather than merely hide, after a successful post. Perhaps most significant in this release however is that Pukka can now post to the Ma.gnolia service via the Mirrord API. In fact, Pukka now allows you to enter the posting API URL manually (above), so it will work with any service that uses the del.icio.us API. Pukka also still gives you access to all your del.icio.us account bookmarks from its Dock icon.

On the downside, the price of Pukka has been raised to $12.95, but as the only multiple account del.icio.us client available I think it's still worth it. A demo is available.
This article was originally published on Tuaw.