Today in Joystiq: April 24, 2007

Scary? Indeed. Sexy? You betcha. Thank sanchome for the curious shudders and check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq's video analysis of the Halo 3 Beta leak
Lord of the Rings Online midnight launch in Beantown
Readers pick the best webcomic: Koopa!
Today's "Poor Wiimote" video: Tiger Woods Wii golf trick

Beautiful Katamari website opens, screenshots inside
Nintendo Europe: say no to mod chips
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men gets multiplatform launch on PS3, 360, and PC
ATI's DirectX 10 card benched, bests NVIDIA's 8800
Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy's EndWar, 'a strategy game like no other'
Unreal Engine 3-based Undertow coming to XBLA
Game Informer answers GTAIV questions on 'copters and more
British ratings board: violent video games less harmful than movies
Gundam, Katamari come to tilt-sensitive Japanese phones
Human Head survives fire, no data loss reported
Wired EIC talks Halo 3, voice acting
Harry Potter 5 trailer will only break your heart
Factor 5 wants to rock you like a Turrican
Who's your Big Daddy? BioShock Limited Edition deets
Finally, Wii at Gamestop and EB this Sunday

Rumors & Speculation
Nintendo considering Wii keyboard peripheral

Culture & Community
Have Mario on your toilet seat
Luke Smith leaves 1UP to be Master Chief's poolboy
Forget Virtual Console, try the Wii SNES mod
Pelican's PS3 Air Flo Cooler invites jokes about blowing

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