Zaprudering the iPhone commercials: email

The iPhone commercials that just recently aired offered a nice look into some of the built-in programs in action. Take email, for example. It's one of the four main iPhone modes (the other three are: Phone, Safari and iPod). The videos revealed a number of mail features:

  • The number of unread new mail items in your inbox appears over the mail icon in the dock at the bottom of the iPhone main menu.
  • In the inbox, unread items are tagged with a familiar blue dot. The standard blue paperclip indicates attachments.
  • When displaying individual emails, a taskbar at the bottom of the screen presumably allows you to refresh your inbox, transfer mail to folders, delete mail, reply to the current message and write a new message. At the top of the screen a button may lead you back to the current mailbox, show you which item you are viewing in the mailbox (e.g. 2 of 11) and allow you to move to the previous or next message. Direct actions on the message scroll you up and down the currently displayed email.
This article was originally published on Tuaw.