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DivX GejBox media streamer hardware revealed

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Looks like we were right about DivX developing some hardware: say hi to the DivX GejBox (no, we're not spelling that GejBox;-), sorry guys). Basically this thing is a media streaming beta box to test out DivX's new connected hardware platform initiative, so it's safe to say that while a select few beta testers will get to play around with a GejBox, this device will most likely never make it to market -- at least not in its current form. (DivX is really trying to get harware-makers to pick up their platform, we don't think they want to be in the box business.) Still, it does have some interesting features, like S/PDIF, and HDMI, and because the platform is intended to be incredibly extensible, not only do you have the requisite home network video / picture / audio streaming, but it's also got support for live DivX Stage 6 high-def internet video streaming, and even a Google Video plugin not too different from the YouTube Apple TV plugin we saw debuted at D. Check out the pictures!

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