Typinator 2.0 released with a flood of new features

Typing tools that increase your efficiency are all the rage for anyone who has to type more than their name and credit card number on a daily basis, and ergonis just upped the ante with the release of Typinator 2.0. Competing directly with similar tools like TextExpander and TypeIt4Me, this new version of Typinator brings a virtual boatload of new features to the table, including:

  • Sets allow convenient organization of abbreviations
  • Import and export of abbreviation sets
  • Comes with auto-correction sets for English, German and French
  • Import from Textpander, TextExpander and TypeIt4Me
  • Application-specific set assignment
  • Typinator can be disabled in individual applications
  • Clipboard insertion within expansions
  • Streamlined user interface for improved conformance to Apple's guidelines
  • The abbreviation table can be sorted by abbreviation, expansion, options, and conflict status
  • Expansion of abbreviations is much faster now, even while typing extremely fast and with thousands of defined abbreviations and auto-corrections
  • Significantly reduced memory requirements, especially with large expansions
  • and much, much more

As a paid user of TextExpander, this new release of Typinator looks quite tasty indeed. I'm actually just glad the typing tool space is getting more competitive, as I can't write or work on the web without one anymore. A demo is of course available, while a single licenses sells for about $26 (EUR 19.99).
This article was originally published on Tuaw.