Perian 1.0 released

Unfortunately, it looks like Perian 1.0 has not been released and that its appearance at MacUpdate was in error. Chris Forsythe, whom I mention below, has identified himself as the Perian Project Manager.

Perian, the swiss army knife of QuickTime codecs finally hit version 1.0. But don't run over to the Perian Home Page right away. It hasn't been updated yet. Instead, as TUAW reader Jason P tipped us off, point your web browser to this MacUpdate page instead.

The new version of Perian installs in a new way. It's a Preferences pane that you double-click (versus a QuickTime component that you drag to /Library/QuickTime--the new codec installs to ~/Library/QuickTime instead). You can remove it, check for updates or set your Audio options from this panel.

New features include integrated A52 Dolby Digital support, subtitles, a bunch of bug fixes and many new codecs. The full list of 1.0 changes follows after the jump

Thanks Jason P

Update: TUAW reader Chris Forsythe wrote in reporting that he found Perian 1.0 buggy and that it's crashing on him. So far it's working fine for me but I have only tested it with Xvid and streaming MPEG-4 (the keynote). Let us know your results in the comments.

Update 2: readers are reporting that the file seems to have disappeared from MacUpdate. "I get to the Perian 1.0 page, but if you click the download link you get a file not found error."

Update 3: TUAW reader Yuvi writes that the MacUpdate link was not meant to be released.

- Added support for Matroska/mkv
- Integrated a52codec
- Added subtitle support
- Added support for .gvi (avi wrapper from Google Video)
- Changed distribution to a Preference Pane in order to make installation simpler and configuration possible in the long term.
- Changed installation directory from /Library/QuickTime to ~/Library/QuickTime.
- Fixed avi/flv over http
- Added support for Windows Media Audio in AVI
- Added support for MPEG-1 layer 2 audio
- Added support for the ADPCM audio codec in FLV
- Added Vorbis decoder
- Added support for Fraps FPS1
- Added support for VP3
- Added support for i263
- Added support for HuffYUV
- Added support for MPEG-1/2 video in AVI/MKV
- Fix opening AVIs with VBR audio for which there is no available decoder
- Fix crash with DVI ADPCM
- Fix multichannel audio descriptions in AVI
- Faster opening of AVI files
- High profile H.264 support
- Full MPEG-4 video support in .mp4
- Altivec & SSE2 colorspace conversion
- Fix DV in type 1 AVIs

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