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The Easy-Glider is your personal one-wheeled electric chariot


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You think you look geeky with your Bluetooth headset in your ear, and a Segway beneath your feet? Think again, as a newer, wackier mode of personal transport has appeared in the form of the Easy-Glider. This one-wheeled electric chariot won the ispo BrandNew Award -- what can do more for a gadget's geek cred than an award with a metaname like that? -- and is soon to be displayed on the podium at the ispo Sport & Style 2007 in Munich, Germany. The X6 Easy-Glider has a top speed of around 12 MPH, a range of around 9 to 16 miles depending on surface conditions, and takes between six to eight hours to recharge. On top of that the Easy-Glider currently requires approval for use in Switzerland -- no deets on usage in other countries -- and a license plate (!) if you want to take on traffic. Yep, like the Segway, it's totally impractical and will probably be priced way out of our non-existent budget. But we still want one.

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