Behind the scenes with Halo ActionClix

So, how do you take a tabletop game and turn it into something that the average Halo fan will enjoy? has an article up explaining just that. Lukems took some time to sit down with Mike Elliott, senior game designer for Wizkids, to discuss the upcoming Halo ActionClix. Easily the most interesting aspect of this new Clix series is that Wizkids didn't just take the old rules and apply them to Halo branded miniatures. Instead, Wizkids took some of Halo's core gameplay elements and melded them with the Clix game. First and foremost, Halo ActionClix has players set up respawn points and games are played to a certain number of kills. When a character is killed, it respawns, unlike other Clix games in which that character is simply removed from play. You can also choose to switch that character with another of the same point value. You know what, you'd better just read the article if you're interested. If we keep talking about this, you'll discover what nerds we really all.

(Psst! Does anyone want to trade a Master Chief for my Arbiter? Hello? Anybody?)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.