Today in Joystiq: July 3, 2007

According to the many reports you fine, fine Joystiq tipsters have sent in, the #16 car will don a Wii-centric paint job and drive in at least the next two Nextel Cup races. Die-hard Wii enthusiasts can order a diecast replica for $65 with an expected delivery of October 2007. Check out the highlights for today:

Readers pick best webcomic: Undisputed Champion
Today's most obsessive-compulsively awesome video: Wii Photo Channel mosaics

Metroid Prime 3 will not have online multiplayer
Auto Assault sputters to a halt in August
No playable Smash Bros at Min-E3, but still coming in 2007
NY Times chats up new ESA boss
Thompson says Florida Bar requested he get psych test
Yamauchi reveals GT5 details to Car & Driver
Web-based iPhone games begin to appear
Chris Early moved from MS Casual Games to G4W Live
Sony partners with Quantic Dream on exclusive PS3 title
THQ profits show power of licensing
Destroy All Humans, Saint's Row sequels not coming this year
Atari lost another $70 million this year
Rogue Warrior to be M.I.A. at Min-E3
Section 8 freefalls into orbit in 2009
Minnie Driver to voice animated Lara Croft
Sony's Jack Tretton: 'We don't buy exclusivity'
See Rock Band in action

Rumors & Speculation
Anecdotal: Red Ring of Death rate is 33% says DailyTech

Culture & Community
Study: Gamers read, study less but still socialize
Halo 3 almost tops Amazon Japan
Secrets of the Tetris Grandmasters
'Heil Hitler' car auctioned in Forza 2, exposes kink in user-generated gaming

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