And so it begins - with the release of yet another Apple product that has anything to do with media playback, software developers are beginning to release software updates that account for the new functionality. VisualHub, a TUAW favorite for its exceptional video conversion and batch encoding abilities, has released a new version with support for encoding to iPhone video formats. As you can see, the slider labels change slightly when selecting the iPhone option, giving users a choice between qualities like EDGE, Tiny, WiFi and of course, High and Go Nuts. In addition, using the EDGE or Tiny presets will also create FastStart videos that are optimized for streaming; this is ideal for content providers who want to open their doors to the unprecedented rush (thanks, Daring Fireball) of new iPhone owners.

As usual, a demo of VisualHub is available, while an invaluable license costs a mere $23.32.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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