Eagle-eyed fanboy reader lee\ sent in a tip telling us that our long awaited Chatpad (which was announced back in May) has been priced and now has its own page up on Xbox.com. The Chatpad will be part of what is called the Xbox 360 Messenger Kit which will also include a separate headset and retail for $29.99. No other new Chatpad news or surprises that we haven't already known are detailed as we'd still like to have a look at the separate headset. Though, we're banking on seeing all the goods later tonight. So fanboys, is $30 worth paying for this text input kit or will you pass and put the money towards a new game?

Update 1: We just found out (via some searching on Xbox.com) that the Messenger Kit's release date will be September 4th.

[Thanks, lee\]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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