Today in Joystiq: August 9, 2007

Will the following avatar owners please come to the front counter and claim their Mario variations? Be sure to thank Brad for catching 'em all; check out the highlights for today:

Off the Grid: Franchises, classics, and homogeny
Today's most emergent video: Ecology of Bioshock

Ding fries are done - the Halo 3 media onslaught begins
GameTap Thursday: the Overlord has arrived
Ian Bogost sets good example on Colbert Report
PaRappa creator discusses possible PSN sequel
EA raises stake in Ubisoft, controls nearly 25% of voting shares
New Cooking Mama out of the oven early next year
Bitter dregs: A brief round-up of new Xbox 360 DLC
Beyond Northrend: WoW's beauty and dance school
SOE announces Ramayan 3392 A.D. MMO
EA and Activision talk smack about rock battle
Ninja Gaiden Sigma DLC coming to Europe, Japan
Mark Rein speaks on Silicon Knights v. Epic suit
Bourne Conspiracy devs: this is no 'movie game'
Stranglehold PS3 still coming to Europe this year
Piyotama, Heavenly Sword videos in today's US PSN update
Amazon selling Xbox 360 for $330
Pre-Teen Raider cartoon not so creepy after all
New Sega title hurts our brains
id Software's Steve Nix talks id Tech 5
Sierra developing Spiderwick Chronicles game based on movie
Chibi-Robo DS not dead, but trapped at Wal-Mart

Culture & Community
Wii's most popular VC games
King of Kong director loves Saved By The Bell
Cheapy D fixes red ring with towel in video
London Review of Books weighs in on Manhunt 2
Metroid retrospective: Part 3 - Metroid Prime

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