We look at this thing, and frankly, the term "phone" just never crosses our minds. Handsets designed specifically with children in mind typically look nothing like traditional cellphones, but Omego's self-titled debut may just take the cake. Looking like a table coaster with an LCD display, the 83 gram device runs on T-Mobile MVNO Toucan Mobile in the UK, offering "educational games," an organizer, a 40-number phone book, an obligatory lack of numeric keypad (although Firefly might be looking to change all that), and the obvious full suite of parental control. It runs £15 a month (about $30) on an 18-month contract plus £5 per megabyte (ouch!) over the handset's GPRS modem. Then again, what are 8 year olds consuming data for?

[Via El Reg]

PC Magazine's Sascha Segan has pointed out that this weird thing is a rebranded Enfora TicTalk from back in the day. No wonder it looks so old school!