Today in Joystiq: August 17, 2007

King of Kong hit theaters -- a handful, at least -- today, so if you're in one of the few selected cities we recommend you sacrifice your other Friday not plans and check it out. Even BioShock can wait, for those few lucky enough to grab an early copy. (Image credit) Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq hands-on: MySims
Reminder: Win BioShock, play it tomorrow morning!
Reminder: Win a BioShock Xbox 360 faceplate & T-shirt
Today's most first-person-waggle video: Metroid Prime 3

BioShock PC demo gets unconfirmed
PlayStation Network store gets a DiRTy update
Sega bringing Shinobi III, Landstalker to Virtual Console
Cruelty-free web gaming with PETA's Super Chick Sisters
Meet Ellen and Keats in new Folklore trailer
Game Crazy owner facing massive financial problems
King of Kong opens in four cities today
Wii production expansion delayed
EA gives no mea culpa on Wiki controversy
Recent 360 and Live buyers get two free XBLA games
GRAW developer: PS3 not harder to code for than 360
Soul Calibur IV keeps laying on the sexuality
God of War composer creates Jericho soundtrack
Hoor-EA! Mac games hit Apple store today
BioShock soundtrack CD features Moby, Oscar the Punk and 'eerie aesthetic'
In2Games to unveil Wii-like PS2 peripherals

Culture & Community
G4 makes Red Ring of Death metal music video

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