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PETA supports copyright cruelty


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We're not sure how the folks at PETA came to the decision to rip off Nintendo for a flash game about chicken cruelty, but we can only figure it's a byproduct of the make-your-own-Mario trend at Joystiq, so that means Super Chick Sisters is really Joystiq's fault. Way to go, guys. When it's lawsuit time, we're totally recommending that someone subpoena you.

So what is Super Chick Sisters? It's a blatant Mario clone (even down to some sound effects!) that features a pair of chick sisters who step in to save the Peach-like Pam Anderson from the evil KFC monsters when Mario and Luigi come down with a bad case of Wiitis. Nugget and Chickette are even decked out in little hats, just like their plumber counterparts, though their Chicken Kingdom is populated not with Goombas and coins, but other chicks, boiling oil, and 1-up tofu boxes. There are also lots of helpful people with scary messages about the horrors of chicken slaughter who encourage you to speed up and save the chickens. Oh, and that princess, too.

Our only real question is this: if you lose, does that make you the enemy, an evil chicken-killer yourself? Chilling.

[Via Infendo]

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