Today in Joystiq: August 30, 2007

Make no mistake, Pete, they're just waiting for you to fall asleep before they steal all your hit points. Check out the highlights for today:

Joystiq and PSPFB hands on with PSP-2000: Part 1
Red Ring of Death visits Orland for lunch
Rock Band: The next great franchise (an interview with Harmonix)
Today's squintiest video: NiGHTS phonecam clip

GameTap Thursday: A Thief in the deadly shadows
PS3 60GB are officially all out in the wild
Family Guy coming to 360 Video Marketplace Sept. 2
Watch video of two new stunts from Jackass game
UK has 1 million Wiis to play with
Small Arms getting even smaller on phones
Mass Effect goes into effect Nov. 20
Manhunt 2 heading to Holland
Cyberball, Fatal Fury on XBLA next week, limited price drops this weekend
Worms going to space on Wii
TimeShift alters past, demo phases into Xbox marketplace
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars shines gold

Culture & Community
E for All does damage control regarding EA, Sony and Microsoft
Virginia finds no link between violent games and V-Tech murderer

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