Today in Joystiq: September 5, 2007

Have you met Torin, Boogle and Leenah? A graphical fantasy adventure released in 1995, Torin's Passage was seen as quite a departure for Leisure Suit Larry designer Al Lowe. Perhaps gazing at some screenshots will rattle loose those memories -- at least the ones that don't involve the rather devious tape recorder puzzle at the end.

Today's buzz-worthy video: Bug Too! pitch

Rare's not going to make any Viva Pinata DLC
Call of Duty 4 Beta entries 'exclusive' to GAME in UK
Ultra-violent TimeShift commercial
Wanna rock out? Jam Sessions bundle comes with mini amp
Billboard: Aerosmith main attraction for Guitar Hero IV
Analyst: Asian MMO revenues to hit $2.5 billion
Rock Band gets 18 Grateful Dead tracks through DLC
Moore announces GameShow from EA Sports
PSP-2000s apparently available today
The console war summed up in imperfect analogies
Study: One in four white-collar workers game at work
UK PM calls for violent media review
PR director Dave Karakker leaving Sony
Peggle gets free online version, but still no Mac love (for now)
Boogie getting down on PS2, DS this holiday
Alone in the Dark PS3 gets an even bigger delay
New iPod nano, classic ship with three games, no Parachute
Nintendo's Iwata wary of becoming complacent
FlatOut demo now on Live
The Sims + YouTube = The Sims On Stage
HP Blackbird 002 PC springs from nest
Xbox Live down for maintenance Sept. 10

Culture & Community
Final Fantasy retrospective: Part VIII
Anatomy of a Fanboy: "We have seen the enemy and he is us."

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