Today in Joystiq: September 27, 2007

Here at Joystiq HQ, we were debating where to go after our lolcat-Halo 3 hybrid picture from yesterday. Another Halo 3 image would be too obvious, we felt, so how about another lolcat? The bizarre folks behind Geometry Wars Galaxies' marketing have created a sextet (get your mind out of the gutter) of kittehz playing with the Wii. After this, yes, you can haz break from lolcat recap images. Check out the highlights for today:

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Today's non-Halo game video

Morning crazy pill: LaRouche PAC says Halo 3 'destroying US'
GameTap Thursday: Touching the line of copyright infringement
Unreal Tournament 3 gets PC collector's edition
Jericho demo now available
Mario & Sonic Olympic events revealed
Nintendo has No. 2 market cap in Japan
FCC filing reveals new PS3 model, few details
Drool: Orange Box goes gold!
NCsoft expands in Europe; creating more jobs
Ex-Clover dev team buries 'Seeds' to form 'Platinum Games'
Wii faces 'definite limit,' says UK's Xbox director
PSN update: US gets NBA 2K8, Europe gets new Folklore demo
R.E.M. (orange) crushes in new Rock Band video

Rumors & Speculation
Rumorang: New Xbox 360 bundle, Core this holiday

Culture & Community
'Cammy' see more SSFIITHDR characters?

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