Today in Joystiq: October 17, 2007

It won't have the weight but it will have the flammability (although we do not recommend Fratricide). You can make your own Weighted Companion Cube papercraft -- be sure to use the full, 3000x2250 pixel printout. According to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, this particular papercraft originated from the 4chan forums. Remember: he will not stab you. Check out the highlights for today:

The B[ack]log: Coming clean (about Dirt)
Wii Fanboy Weekly October, 11th 2007 - October 17th, 2007

G4 gets LOST, network execs miss obvious joke
Levine considering DLC in BioShock
Painkiller: Overdose demo now available
Rat Race brings episodic comedy to PSN
Studio Archcraft's Project Exile planned for Q1 2008
Big GRAW 2 pack coming next month
Capcom announces Street Fighter IV
Lost Planet finds its way to PlayStation 3 in '08
Smash Bros. Brawl's Wiimote controls
Roadievision: See the Rock Band drum kit setup
Capcom venturing into 'Dark Void'
SingStar Bollywood shuffles into Europe this Friday
Codies make futuristic MMO RF Online a freebie
Study: More Xbox 360 achievements = better reviews, more sales
WiiWare Final Fantasy due March 2008 in Japan
New Street Fighter 2 HD Remix details at Capcom Gamer's Day
Killzone 2 dev: Blu-ray is a necessity
Jaffe pops the top on Eat Sleep Play's Logo
Rock Band reveals less-than-rocking Achievements list
Nintendo ceases hardware support for Famicom, other aging platforms
Bionic Commando trailer swings in with game footage

Rumors & Speculation
Rumorang: Okami on Wii

Culture & Community
Play Team Fortress 2 with Valve this Friday
BioWare is a great place to work -- for now
The Sports Guy slips on the NBA Live 08 mo-cap suit
Zero Punctuation likes Orange Box, but loves Portal

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