With Hallow's End upon us, there is much for the intrepid Trick or Treater to enjoy.

Will you be killing the Headless Horsemen for epic rings and Sinister Squashlings? Or riding through Outland on a Flying Broom? Or indulge in the many RP possibilities using masks and illusions?

Or will you pass on all the holiday activities because you're too busy learning Zul'Aman on the PTR?

Tell us what you plan to do during the two weeks of Hallow's End and why.

What are your Hallow's End goals?
Camp the Headless Horseman for loot.1526 (49.9%)
RP with Masks and Illusions.63 (2.1%)
Collect candy for the Orphans.68 (2.2%)
Ride on a flying broom.288 (9.4%)
Wickerman runs in Lordaeron.51 (1.7%)
PvP quests.78 (2.5%)
All of the above.639 (20.9%)
None of the above.347 (11.3%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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