With equal parts vindication and deep personal loss in his life, IGN's resident Nintendo fanboy Matt Casamassina seized the moment and spent a little time blogging. The big revelation is that he believes the upcoming Medal of Honor Heroes 2 is a new benchmark in Wii FPS controls. He says there is a video coming in the near future, but for now says, "[MoHH2] officially beats the pants off Metroid Prime 3 in the the FPS control department."

Casamassina also says while speaking with Shingo Mukaitoge (Elebits, Dewy's Adventure) that the game producer "paused for a moment, smiled, and would only say, 'That's a secret.'" in regards to an Elebits sequel. Mukaitoge says his team is already working on a new Wii project and will announce it soon. We're kinda looking forward to another Elebits. It's no secret that the game was a rush job for the Wii release, but it'd be interesting to see what the team could do with a little more time.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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