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Google phone, mobile OS, or absolutely nothing due on Monday


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Look, we know how you feel -- rumor mongering over the Google Phone (or OS) and its supposed appearance (in a multitude of forms, with an avalanche of partners) has reached the tipping point where it goes from exciting to annoying. That said, when the Wall Street Journal (amongst others) mentions a date or a place, you tend to pay attention. The stock-market rag is now reporting that the infamous GPhone will be making its official appearance on Monday. On the flip side, some say the story is that Google-partner Android will deliver news of an SDK for a new mobile OS -- a "complete software stack" based on Linux. Of course, we're not going to be placing any bets on said activity (nor should you), because with the way things have been playing out thus far, it seems pretty unwise to make wagers -- unless they're on the fact that no one really knows right now. So, if by Monday night you're sobbing uncontrollably because the obviously-life-changing device / software never made a showing, don't say we didn't warn you.

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