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Complete CoD4 MP map list and descriptions

Dustin Burg

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be here in a few days, but we know some of you are too excited to wait. Too excited to wait for your copy to arrive and too excited to ignore any official or leaked details. That's why we wanted to tell you about some screenshots detailing CoD4 multiplayer goodness.

Thanks to AVSPics and their sneaky means of obtaining an early copy of CoD4 (on the PS3, eesh!), they've posted all kinds of screenshots that help answer some the game's multiplayer questions. Using the links below, you can check out the names and descriptions of all 16 multiplayer maps, a list of multiplayer weapons and get a glimpse of the game's visuals with other random screenshots. It's a multiplayer CoD4 fanboy's treasure chest of warfare! Snoop around, get some information and wait few days ... your copy of CoD4 is so close, we can even smell it from here.

[Via The 360 Forum]

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