Joyswag: Beowulf game & Old English poem

Update: This contest has ended.

Robert Zemeckis's new flick Beowulf opens nationwide tomorrow. It's a hero tale that re-imagines the PG-13 rating with big doses of foul language, gruesome violence and virtual nudity -- we hear Jolie really pops in Imax 3D and Digital 3D. Unfortunately, the kiddies won't be able to prance into their local law-abiding retailers and purchase the companion game since it's been slapped with an M-rating. But for those adults out there jonesing to slay more dragons or test the limits of their sexual will power (yep, it's a featured minigame) we've got three copies of Beowulf (Xbox 360) to give away and ... a poem.

Who knew? The Beowulf movie is actually inspired by a painfully long poem written in "Old English" -- and here we thought O.E. was a filthy tasting beverage sought by underage teens at corner stores and pizza joints. Apparently, it's also an early form of our language that doesn't quite make sense. Anyway, we'll toss in the literature as well, just in case your 'Box is in the shop or something. And, since we know you're not gonna read the poem either way, we're adding the movie soundtrack to the giveaway too and, for one grand prize winner, a Beowulf toy, comic, and picture book (a bundle we like to call 'My First Grendel').

To enter, post one comment between now and Saturday at 5pm ET telling us which version of Beowulf you will base your 50-page thesis on -- due Monday! (Note: multiple comments, if activated, will disqualify entrant; entrants must be 18 or older and US residents.) (Another note: there isn't actually a thesis due.) Three winners will be selected at random.

Official rules await.

Complete breakdown of prizes:

Grand Prize (one winner)
  • Beowulf Xbox 360 game (Ubisoft)
  • Beowulf epic poem (Harper Collins Books)
  • Beowulf toy (McFarland Toys)
  • Beowulf comic book (IDW)
  • The Art of Beowulf (Chronicle Books)
  • Beowulf soundtrack (WBR)
2 Runner Ups
  • Beowulf Xbox 360 game (Ubisoft)
  • Beowulf epic poem (Harper Collins Books)
  • Beowulf soundtrack (WBR)

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