Today in Joystiq: January 2, 2008

One tattoo gaming sleeve to rule them all. We applaud the owner, though we hope his calf doesn't one day become flabby and Samus Aran's armor starts to sag. Check out the highlights for today:

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Wii Fanboy Weekly: December 27th, 2007 - January 2nd, 2008

Former Hitman devs creating 'high end' casual games
Gears of War: The Pendulum Wars, the prequel book treatment
Nintendo: Wavebird no longer shipping to stores
Download 'complete' DS games through Wii, NY Times reports
Cell phones to get their own nunchuks rattles off the big games of '08
Halo stalker arrested after making 2,600 mile trip
Midway elects to keep it in the fam, new board chair a Redstone
New Halo McFarlane figurine Arbiter revealed
Sadness: a chronology of disappointment

Rumors & Speculation
Rumor: Sony talking Skype for PSP at CES next week
Pachter: 2008 should maintain 2007's sale momentum

Culture & Community
Zero Punctuation review of Super Mario Galaxy confirms death wish
Takahashi apologizes for Mass Effect review
Ron Paul wins WoW's presidential naming race
Penny Arcade's 'We're Right Awards' return to honor Portal

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