simExhange: Wii Play will be top selling 'software' during Wii's lifetime

Analyst Jesse Divnich of prediction market simExchange projects Wii Play will become the top selling piece of Nintendo Wii "software" over the console's lifetime. Divnich believes Wii Play will finish with approximately 20 million units sold, while Super Smash Bros Brawl grabs the number two spot with an expected 13.95 million units sold. Wii Play's classification as software has been the source of mental chafing considering its main selling point is the bundled Wiimote in the $50 "game" (making the the actual game $10 after the Wiimote's normal $40 price is deducted).

Although the NPD numbers for December still aren't public, Divnich believes the Nintendo Wii sold 1.8 million units and the Nintendo DS broke a sales record with 2.9 million units sold -- currently the PS2 holds a December record of 2.6 million units sold during 2002. Divnich's piece of advice is that American publishers need to work outside the industry's status quo to get a hold of the "astonishing success" Nintendo is currently experiencing.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.