New Viking: Battle for Asgard screens make us say, 'hmm'

After seeing these newly released Viking: Battle for Asgard screens, it's a wonder that Sega doesn't have a mailbox full of lawsuits from all the other franchises that have "inspired" the game. We've already seen how suspiciously close the game's bad guys look to that of Peter Jackson's orcs, but you can also make the case that the game's giants look a lot like the El Gigantes from Resident Evil 4, too.

But hey, we're probably just nitpicking, right? The real story here is that Battle for Asgard appears to feature some really epic battles that are sure to be loads of fun, and these screens prove that. And even if the game is borrowing heavily from a few well-established franchises, at least they know who they should be emulating.


This article was originally published on Joystiq.