This morning, while catching up on my weblog reading, I came across a post written by Kestrel pointing out that many players still have not trained first aid, and are not carrying, or using, bandages.

Although this shouldn't have struck me as surprising, it did make me pause. Didn't everyone get the memo that post-expansion, bandages are integral? Hasn't everyone been bullied into training it? Are there really still players running around wiping more often simply because they won't carry a stack of bandages?

Evidently. If you need convincing information as to why you should be carrying this item, posts like Kestrel's will walk you through some of the situations in which not doing so can be disastrous.

As a last note on behalf of all hunters; please heal your pet in groups. Better yet, get a macro.

My character in Outland...
has 0-50 first aid414 (6.5%)
has maximum first aid, carries, and uses bandages4783 (74.8%)
has high first aid, but forgets to carry or use bandages667 (10.4%)
has no interest in first aid329 (5.1%)
doesn't exist204 (3.2%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.