Today in Joystiq: January 30, 2008

It's good to see GlaDOS out in the open, probably buying more cake mix. She may say she's detecting pollen levels for the benefit of mankind, but we know the real reason -- cake (thanks, Ted and Jeremy). Check out the highlights for today:

Law of the Game on Joystiq: Grumpy Thompson Again
Readers pick best webcomic: pod bay doors
Wii Fanboy Weekly: January 24th - January 30th

PSP firmware 3.90 says 'Hello'
Halo 3 reclaims top Live activity spot
Japanese DS title teaches you how to dress
Maryland county looking at rap music and GTA to blame for gang violence
Saw game brings gornography to consoles in '09
See first images from Wii's Fatal Frame
Poker Smash on XBLA next week
PS2 guitar pedal allows for precision rocking
Kansas governor's son makes 'Don't Drop the Soap' game
Cooking Mama franchise sells 1.6 million units in US
box rage child killer convicted of third-degree murder
XBLA size limit causing difficulties for Street Fighter HD
Bizarre seeking level designer with shooter experience
Wow, Vivendi made $1.5 billion in 2007 thanks to WoW
Point your pupils at Bully: Scholarship Edition trailer

Rumors & Speculation
Nintendo denies German mag's Mario Kart Wii rumors
Rumor: Halo Wars for PC with cross-platform competition

Culture & Community
The world's greatest fan-fic: Half-Life: Full Life Consequences
A history: Video games to board games
And the greatest video game horse is ...
Zero Punctuation goes through the motions with RE:Umbrella Chronicles

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