One of Bungie's many skills is to talk up future projects without saying much at all, with the latest edition of the now independent company's podcast providing a sterling example of vague vocalizing. In a discussion between Luke Smith, Frank 'O Connor, Brian Gerrard and lead designer Christian Allen, we learn that Bungie's next title will be "totally different" to what you may have envisioned.

Though it's early days yet, we're assured the work-in-progress is looking "very cool." As an adventure involving armor-clad tough guys gallivanting across mysterious space hoops is almost certainly ruled out (we're not mad about it), what do you think is nestled within Bungie's chiffon sleeve?

Bungie's next game is ...
Pimps at Sea: A swashbuckling and frequently unbuckling tale of exploratory seamen.1678 (29.1%)
Oni 2: Oni this time it's not rubbish.769 (13.3%)
Halo IV: The switch to Roman numerals defies all expectations.1741 (30.2%)
Corporate Manta: A charming game for children in which Ray the Manta Ray preaches the dangers of corporate buyouts.328 (5.7%)
irrelevant to my interests.593 (10.3%)
Irrelevant to My Interests: An off-beat trivia game utilizing the 'Scene it?' controller.664 (11.5%)

[Via Eurogamer]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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