Bruce Sterling Woodcock has updated his website with the latest research into MMO populations, and as you can see above, WoW (the green line shooting towards the sky with no hint of slowing down) is continuing its rule of the roost. In fact, Blizzard's game is in a category all by itself-- no one else even breaks the 3.5 million line. And the outlook isn't good for other MMOs, either-- Lord of the Rings Online is a clear leader in the lower section, but even they aren't showing steady growth-- more like a leveling off already.

In terms of market share
, WoW has its victory locked away as well, although the two Lineages and Runescape make nice showings. I am pretty surprised not to see more free-to-play MMOs on any of the lists (although these are subscription numbers so maybe that's why), but the most fascinating thing about these numbers might not be what they look like right now, but what they'll look like in December. Can any of the new MMOs coming out this year take a chunk out of Azeroth?

This article was originally published on Massively.
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