Here we go again. Just like last year, and the year before that, we pack up and head off to San Francisco. Though it was last year, it seems like only yesterday we were amassing in California. It's disorienting -- kind of like a mobious strip. Okay, have we justified this week's theme? Good, let's move on. Here are our picks for the week's best game-related webcomics.
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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: February 17, 2008
The Control Alt Delete Theorem (Dueling Analogs)211 (16.1%)
Professor Layton and the Perpetual Torment (Penny Arcade)455 (34.6%)
Welcome to the Galaxy! (GamerPALs)71 (5.4%)
Battle Fighter: Alpha (Truck bearing Kibble)127 (9.7%)
Can you define "greatest"? (Qwantz)134 (10.2%)
Altair's ad campaign (2P Start)145 (11.0%)
Fungi gone wild (Digital Unrest) (Get it? Because he was a "fun guy"? Oh, nevermind.)171 (13.0%)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.