It's been hard not to feel totally pampered by recent PAL Virtual Console updates, with the likes of Phantasy Star II and Street Gangs keeping us up late.

This week's releases -- both of which are shooters -- can't quite match that kind of awesomeness, but they're still worth considering. Super Turrican is a pretty SNES shooter from Factor 5 (heard of those turncoats?), while Psychosis is -- we urge you to brace yourselves for a shock -- a Turbografx-16 shooter.

Blast your way past the break for extensive footage of both in action.
  • Super Turrican -- SNES -- 800 Wii points
  • Psychosis -- Turbografx -- 800 Wii points

Super Turrican, SNES

Psychosis, Turbografx

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