WiiWare to launch March 25 in Japan

The official Japanese launch date for Nintendo's WiiWare service has been announced, and it's... soon. The service will become available March 25, nearly two months before the North American release, and exactly two weeks from today.

Nine titles will be available at launch, including Everybody's Pokémon Ranch, Star Soldier R, and Dr. Mario & Bacillus Extermination. Square Enix's My Life as a King: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is also slated for launch release in Japan, and will notably cost 1,500 Wii points, 500 more than any other title.

More images and details can be found on Nintendo of Japan's site, but check out a quick rundown of launch titles and prices after the break.

[Via Game|Life]

  • Okiraku Ping-Pong Wii (Arc System Works, 500 points)
  • Word Puzzle Mojipittan Wii (Bandai Namco, 1000 points)
  • Sakusaku Animal Panic (Konami, 1000 points)
  • Star Soldier R (Hudson, 800 points)
  • My Life As A King: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (Square Enix, 1500 points)
  • Angel's Solitaire (G-Mode, 500 points)
  • Dr. Mario & Bacillus Extermination (Nintendo, 1000 points)
  • Everybody's Pokemon Ranch (Nintendo, 1000 points)
  • Lonpos (Genki, 1000 points)
[Title and developer translations via Game|Life]

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