As an XBLA game, N+ is in and of itself downloadable content, so it seems a bit strange to see that it's getting some of it's own. Announced today, Metanet will be releasing a total of three downloadable content packs for the game, each with around 200 new levels. If we're lucky, the first pack will feature easier levels and some co-op multiplayer and could hit the Marketplace within three weeks. Co-creator of the game, Mare Sheppard, said:

"The other packs will probably contain harder levels, race and survival multiplayer, and some classic N levels from the original game -- we're just not sure how the content will be distributed among the packs yet,"

The team is shooting for a price of 200 points per pack, with at least one pack being free. And it seems we weren't the only one's who saw the news about the game's user-generated content, as Metanet is working on a title update that would enable level sharing among the community at large, instead of just friends.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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