The Lord of the Rings Online site is featuring the High Pass in its "Exploring Middle-earth" series. Located in the Misty Mountains, near the Vale of Imladris, it used to be the most commonly traveled route through the area. Lately however, it has become overrun by goblins and giants. In fact, the LotRO site reminds us that it was in this area that Thorin and company had to get away from some boulder-hurling giants -- and anyone that has been around giants in-game will know that they still maintain this annoying habit.

There is a small encampment (pictured) at High Pass that offers some quests, and is a good area to visit in the mid to upper 40's. It's also not a bad place to do your selling before or after a trip to Goblin-town, which isn't too far away. Visit the official site to find out more about the history of the area.

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