GamePolitics brings our attention to an amusing op-ed piece about video game violence in the Calgary Herald. The article's author, Tom Keenan, an "award-winning" writer and professor at the University of Calgary, targets the US Defense Department's recruitment tool America's Army and Custer's Revenge -- a game from 1982 (screenshot above) for its "rape" scene.

The main problem with the piece is if Keenan is going to use retired Lt. Col Dave Grossman theories on "murder simulators" as the basis for questioning today's violent games and their impact on the kiddies, does it really make sense to use a 26-year-old game that in all probability no modern child has ever played (or seen)? Oh well, another mainstream media outlet misinforming the public about video games. Parents, keep an eye on your kids, because if they're playing Custer's Revenge, they may just be playing Softporn Adventure too.

[Via GamePolitics]

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