A cocky press release from West Indies-based Sly Soft proclaims their AnyDVD HD software can break through Blu-ray's copy protection, dubbed BD+. With their software, those that have Blu-ray players on their computers (and large hard drives) may be able to make copies of commercially released Blu-ray movies.

However, Sly Soft admits that future movies may not work with the software. "We must also admit that the Blu-ray titles released up to now have not fully exploited the possibilities of BD+. Future releases will undoubtedly have a modified and more polished BD+ protection." But will that stop their efforts? Unlikely. "The worst-case scenario then is our boss locks us up with only bread and water in the company dungeon for three months until we are successful again."

[Thanks, Alan!]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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