Today in Joystiq: March 24, 2008

Joystiq reader Vaisor is a textbook definition of badass. Why? Because he made the Joystiq logo in Halo 3 Forge. Here's the "Joy" part. You can also check out "sti" and "q" and an attempt at combining them. Check out the highlights for today:

Joyswag: Win 2 tickets to the Bourne Sessions concert
PS Fanboy Week in Review: 3/17 - 3/23
Reminder: Win a copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Retrospective: Three years with the PSP
Tabulator: Guitar Hero / Rock Band guitar compatibility

King's Knight and Powerball roll onto Virtual Console
Electronic Arts CFO Warren Jenson departs
New games this week: Dark Sector edition
US Trade Commission investigates Blu-ray patent
Wii Guitar Hero III owners get free faceplate
1UP ranks botched PC game launches
Trion CEO says there's room for more than WoW
Wii Fit priced for $90 at GameStop, pre-order $10
Rock Band Wii 'Special Edition' on June 22, $170
Oakenfold debuting Bourne game tunes in Miami, watch live streams
This Wednesday: TiQal blazes XBLA, Switchball re-released
Rock Band Wii drum kit pictured, nagging questions answered
Lost Cities being discovered this spring on XBLA
N+ devs stand behind recent XBLA comments

Rumors & Speculation
Analyst: Timing of EA CFO departure is 'unnerving'

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