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WiiWare now worthwhile: Hudson reveals Alien Crush sequel, more

Look at that. Look at it. That is a screenshot of a new Alien Crush game. Even if it is a little ugly, it's the most beautiful thing ever. If we didn't already have a Wii, we'd be camping out for one right now based on this alone -- seriously. And it's WiiWare! With online leaderboards! (Online leaderboards for Alien Crush? Where would you get an idea like that?) Just like with the Virtual Console, Hudson has proven that they know how to support a download service. Alien Crush is coming out in Japan in August, and it had better come out worldwide near that time. Including the stuff shown today (and Star Soldier R), Hudson has ten WiiWare titles planned.

This AMAZING NEWS was revealed at a Hudson event in a Brazilian restaurant in Shibuya, along with Blue Oasis, a virtual fish-tank type game that interacts with the Forecast Channel. It'll be out sometime this year. Hit the break for screens, as well as some new Tetris and Bomberman images!

Both Tetris and Bomberman will have online battles -- we knew this for Bomberman, but the sight of six players facing off in Tetris is new and glorious. According to Hudson, Tetris will be out in July, and Bomberman will be out in June -- in Japan. We still have no dates for, or even confirmation of, a U.S. release for these games.

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