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Microsoft, Activision aware of Xbox Live Issues [Update]


Update: As of this morning the support page says the service should be back up to speed.

Updating you from our story a few hours ago comes new information regarding the state of Xbox Live. A little under an hour ago Microsoft and Activision have acknowledged the issues that have plagued the Xbox Live and Xbox Live Marketplace services. A notice was posted on the support page as well as the above message found on the Game of the Year Map activation page for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

While no formal reasoning is given the community finger has points squarely on the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty 4 that released earlier today. Even though we're assured via Twitter, "the team is aware of issues w/ LIVE" from Xbox Live's Major Nelson, we wonder how the service will cope on April 29 as the world attempts to experience Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV.

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